Rare Earth Wiki

A commanding officer or CO is represented by each players custom avatar. A CO serves as the leader of the five-man teams charged with aquiring land and its available resources.


Each player may customize both the appearance and attributes of their CO when beginning Rare Earth. Appearance can be modified beyond this stage but will require QUID. Attribute modification can only be achieved through the addition of Hardware, Pharma and other in-game modifiers.


Each player is given a fixed number of attribute points in which they can allocate any combination of points into the three primary attribute categories of Intellect, Psionics and Vigor. The aggregate of this combination will dictate the levels of the three secondary attributes of Speed, Perception and Ego.


Each avatar is fully customizable based on the chosen race and sub-class of the CO. The race and sub-class of the CO will also govern its racial affiliation.


Gattaca COs can be customized by gender, skin tone, build, hair (including facial) and tattoos. Tattoos include traditional ink, subdermal microchannels and selected melanin boosting.


Leet COs are remote-controlled constructs and can be customized with a number of looks, layered with graffiti and welded ornamentals.


Encephalon can be customized by size and shape, color, brain as well as layered with graffiti and welds.

The Consecrated[]

This elite Khor class are decorated with beaded and braided beards and modified horns. Horn modification is popular among the Consecrated and consists of sanding down their horns into thin, smooth cones before etching sacred scripture into one or both of them.

Zome (Insurgent)[]

The insurgent Khor reject the long beards of the clergy and modify their hair as they see fit. Facial hair is customizable as well as extreme modification of their horns. Many Zome choose to sand their horns to nubs, drill patterned holes into them or dress them with precious metals. The Zome also may elect to dye their fur in patterns.


All Hyla sub-classes can be modified with various tattoo types, pierced and gauged ears as well as custom skin patterns. Kabi'chi also have the choice of bright color from red to purple to blue. This will serve as their warning of elevated toxin levels.