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Cyber, often colloquialized Cybr, is short for "Cybernetic Biological Entertainment and Recreation." It was developed in the early 22nd century during the Neurological Revolution, a period of rapid scientific advancement in the field of neurological sciences. The Cyber was developed as a fantasy entertainment device, allowing a connected user to live out any scenario or situation they imagine.

Early Controversies[]

During the development of The Cyber, it met much resistance from groups known as "primitivists," who advocated a halt to neurological sciences, and a return to life similar to the mid-21st century. The leader of one notable primitivists organization was quoted in a speech as saying:

"[If neurological sciences continue to advance at this rate, soon] we will all but evolve ourselves out of existence. At what point do we say 'no?'"

Ärk Controversy[]

During the 26-lightyear long spaceflight of the Ärk , many people opted to enter a stasis fueled by The Cyber, due to an unforeseen scarcity of food and energy very early in the flight. Long-term use of The Cyber allowed for these individuals to survive with minimal resources, and allowed the Ärk to complete it's journey. However, upon awakening the crew in stasis(know locally as 'leet '), many were found to have mental illnesses including depression, dementia and hallucinations, among others. This caused a large- but not universal- abandonment of the technology on earth.