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Encephalon are a sub-class of the humans that, simply put, are a combination of advance robotics and the human brain. Encephalon rely on the attribute psionics (PSI) to control the cybernetic link between man and machine.


Encephalon allied with the Deist tend to be captained by the nerve center of people of asian or Indian descent. As buddhist/shinto monks - the combined philosophies have been adapted throughout the years and is a common faith among the Deist - many Encephalon - when in their original, organic form - could consciously control their brain which allowed them to control bodily functions originally thought of as involuntary.

This mental control of their physical form makes them perfect for use within the Encephalon framework.

The Consortium[]

Access to brains with advanced meditative control is limited. However, the Consortium had domain over thousands of dead psychopathic soldiers when the robot wars reached their tipping point. Encephalon technology was modified to exploit the unconscious rage of these highly programmable soldiers.

These sociopathic brains have the capacity of above-average psionics with the in-battle ability to further increase the attribute through rage. When rage criteria are met these encephalon unlock unique abilities to deal intense damage to multiple close-range targets. Paired with above-average armor and shielding this makes these mercenaries valuable as close-range combatants with bursts of high-damage attacks.


Increasing the efficacy of the Encephalon requires an increase in PSI. The most efficient PSI modifier is psychedelics. Psychedelics are harvested within the toxin-filled Hyla jungle.