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Floater is a general term used by the humans to classify a range of silicon lifeforms. These lifeforms vary from unconscious nanoscale beings to the coveted scry.


Albinid and their allies utilize floaters to increase their individual intellect attribute. The level of intellect increase depends on the degree of consciousness of the floater. In addition to the floater, the hardware used to harness the intellect will dictate the efficacy of each mod.


Created by Albinid mechanical engineers, the modulus is a silicon construct that utilizes up to six floaters to control up to six modules. These modules battle congruently when assembled as well as independently when one or more are detatched.


Scry are grapefruit sized silicon floaters with extremely high levels of intellect. Upon learning of the existance of the scry, the Deist had to recontemplate the established signs of consciousness and intelligence. With the equivalent of 30 billion neurons each with 10,000 synapses, most humans refer to the scry as "brains."

To exploit the scrys intellect the Albinid mechanical engineers devised a silicon construct that the scry pilot in battle. Similar to the human Encephalon , the scry "brain" floats in an on-board tank of the drone.


The properties of all silicon-based life vary with their color. Review mind-map for each distinct property and attributes.

  • White :
  • Blue :
  • Green :
  • Red :
  • Black :