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Kabi'chi are a breed of Hyla developed by the Consortium during what is now referred to as the Great Cultivation. Bred for their high yeild of a valuable neurotoxin, the Kabi'chi now use their evolutionary toxin as both commodity and as a weapon in-battle.


Kabi'chi are stout and bright. The intense red and deep black patterned skin serve as a warning to any would-be predator of their mutually assured destruction. Upon their consumption the Kabi'chi - and all Hyla - release their potent toxin, taking revenge from within the predator.

Economic Role

Kabi'chi were bred by the Consortium to mass-produce the Hyla toxin for use as a powerful psychedelic. Kabi'chi can further increase their production capacity through pharma and internal mods. Increasing their personal production of the neurotoxin may also increase their personal wealth through peer-to-peer trade within Auxī. This neurotoxin is quite valuable in the virtual marketplace due to its capacity to enhance psionic (PSI) abilities.

Beyond personal production the Kabi'chi now trap and breed toxin producers to genetically modify them. They harvest the optimized breeds for their unique psychedelics. The toxin types are divided into three specialties, neurotoxin. [creating further lanes of unique item-types in which to sell.]

Dependent on the nanotechnology of the human chemical engineers. The nano act as internal mods to their captive insects enzyme, optimizing their production and extraction.

History and Overview

The initial rise of the Hyla within their jungle can be accredited to their toxicity. The Hyla would secrete their poison down specific trees - the poison would mimic the trees sap, the favorite food-source of many jungle lifeforms - allowing the Hyla to gather the comatose prey. At first these victims were immediately consumed but eventually the Hyla would simply capture their prey and pen them as livestock. With reduced hunting needs the communal Hyla were free to persue crafts and architecture.

The potency of this neurotoxin would also deter most predators from consuming the Hyla. As a result the Hyla have very few natural enemies to encroach on their ever-expanding territory.

The Consortium used the domestication process to develop the Kabi'chi breed specifically to increase the production of the natural chemical-compound. Gene augmentation was coupled with the selective breeding of Hyla with naturally high yeild levels of the neurotoxin to develop the Kabi'chi.

Penned and milked regularly like cattle, the Kabi'chi had the worst role of the three Hyla breeds before the revolution. Since then they utilize their optimized production for their own economic gain, even using Consortium tactics to exploit lesser jungle creatures for their unique and valuable organic compounds.

Due to their heavy toxin-production, Kabi'chi are insatiable eaters and will consume most any food, organic or synthetic.

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