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Loyalty is an indicator of allegiance to a specific clan. The loyalties of each combatant must be compatible with the loyalties of their CO. Loyalty is governed by race and reflected through four categories: Mercenary, Jingo, Quisling and Advocate.

Loyalty Types[]

Depending on the race and sub-class of each combatant their loyalty will lay according to their loyalty type.


A mercenary is just that, a gun-for-hire. The individuals race plays no part in their allegiences, just QUID. If a CO can afford their services they will pledge their loyalty to him or her.

Most mercenaries are Consortium and Mum'luk, although, some Albinid have been lured to the lucrative enterprise of war.


A loyalist to its people the jingo will only battle alongside a CO with the same racial type. There are no exceptions to this rule.


A traitor to its race, a combatant labelled as a quisling will only ally with their former enemy, usually out of necessity. An example of a quisling would be a Deist traitor now working with the Consortium and an Artificer teaming with one of the displaced Mum'luk breed. A Khor insurgent, may turn quisling but only vowing allegience to the Consortium. Zome will never take orders from a Consecrated CO.


An advocate is a defector from the Consortium/Khor regime. They sympathize with the plight of the Hyla and support the continued autonomy of the Albinid. Advocates offer their support in battle to the vulnerable, those oppressed by the financial restrictions of the Consortium.