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Mum'luk were bred for their increased musculature and above-average psionics. The Consortium selectively mated only the strongest, most ferocious of the Hyla - their rage would be exploited for its advanced psionic properties. Using gene augmentation the Consortium boosted Mum'luk follistatin levels to further increase muscular strength gains.

After generations of selective breeding the Mum'luk were put to work by the Consortium and its corporate network to enforce their dominance over their two silbling sub-classes: Artificers and Kabi'chi.


Mum'luk were bred of only the strongest Hyla. As a result they have well defined musculature, their legs are short and stalky limiting their once impressive jumping ability.

The long ears of the Mum'luk stand straight and pointed like that of a dolbermann pinscher.

Economic Role[]

After their role as national police, oppressing their own kind, most Mum'luk became warriors without a country. As a result the Mum'luk serve as mercenaries, trading their skills to anyone that can afford it. As a non-player breed they have no occupation outside of gun-for-hire thus available for any team affiliation.