A railgun is an entirely electrical gun that accelerates a conductive projectile along a pair of metal rails using the same principles as the homopolar motor. Railguns use two sliding or rolling contacts that permit a large electric current to pass through the projectile. This current interacts with the strong magnetic fields generated by the rails and this accelerates the projectile. Particular characteristics are the lack of propellant (only the projectile and the electrical energy to launch it are required to be expended) and the ability to launch projectiles much faster than the archaic technology allows.

Velocitas Eradico: "I am speed and I destroy," or similar.

Apart from military applications, railguns have also been proposed to launch spacecraft into orbit. Unless the launching track was particularly long (and the acceleration required to reach orbit spread over a much longer time), such launches would however be restricted to unmanned spacecraft.



Velocitas Eradico: A member of the Consortium, he controls most of the common railgun components within the common ground zone outside of the Khor mountain complex.


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