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The Consortium is a vast network of corporations that serves as the law in an otherwise lawless land. Outside of the scientific community known as the Deist, most humans promote and partake in market fundmentalism. If it were not for the loosest of Consortium regulation the entire system would buckle under its own weight.

Relationship with the Hi'la[]

Shortly after their initial contact with the Khor elite, the Consortium discovered the Hi'la jungle on the south pole of Wreel. It was then that they first made contact with the toxic troll race. Most Hi'la were captured, many were killed. The captured were caged and selectively bred over twelve of their brief generations for specialized rolls in what now referred to as The Great Cultivation.

Mum'luk were bred as a soldier class to police their own people. Only the strongest and most ferocious of the Hi'la were mated to achieve this genetic strain.