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The VSD or valley of the shadow of death sits at the base of a mountain range in a bowl, untouched by the rays of the red star. Within this black region exists unique life seen nowhere else on Wreel. These organisms use various forms of perception including infrared vision and sonar among others.


The name VSD, shortened from valley of the shadow of death, is derived from the scripture of an foregone human religion.


Story of its discovery, endangerment and the subsequent Deist intervention will go here. Feel like adding your vision?


Dry and cold, the VSD is home to many small insect-like animals with various forms of sight that are alien even to their closest neighbors on the island nation the Hyla call home. When battling within the VSD it is not uncommon to be swarmed by blind locusts or attacked by a pack of caniformia, a dog-like creature.


The tenth Deist commandment states: "Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature." Deist maintain a strict policy eliminating the use of sonic and photonic weaponry and defenses while within the confines of the VSD in order to impose this new law of man.

Sonic weaponry had shown signs of disorienting the lifeforms which utilize sonar to percieve their environment. Many creatures were found wandering in direct sun-light, riddled with burns and tumors from the direct radiation of the sun.

Photonic weaponry, including laser targeting systems, are prohibited for similar reasons. Many inhabitants rely on infrared perception to navigate and hunt. Photonic weaponry and defenses have a disorienting effect on these creatures, having a devastating effect on the ecosystem.


The VSD is located at (coordinants) on the southern edge of the temperate halo. An incredible mountain range surrounds it, shading the valley for millenia.